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What is the process for creating a Neighbourhood Plan?

There are 3 basic stages to creating a neighbourhood plan.

Stage 1 – Prepare the base

Understand the current situation and what the community wants:

  • Designate the neighbourhood area

  • Designate the neighbourhood forum

  • Build an evidence base

  • Publicise and engage with the community

Stage 2 – Prepare the plan

Having understood the community's key issues and collected ideas on how to address them it is time to:

  • Draft the plan

  • Meet the basic conditions

  • Consult before submission

  • Collect and store the evidence and outcomes of community consultations

Stage 3 – Bring the plan into force

Get approval for the plan from the community, before it can be put into force.

  • Submit the plan

  • Publicise the plan

  • Independent examination

  • Referendum with the local community

Status of the Moreton-in-Marsh Neighbourhood Plan


As at Feburary 2022, we have now completed "Stage 1 - Prepare the Base" and working with our specialist consultants we have started work on Stage 2 and are in the early stages of drafting the policies and plan.

What has been achieved

  • A group of volunteers formed the steering group with the aim of creating the Moreton-in-Marsh Neighbourhood Plan. This was done with the help of Moreton Town Council and support of Cotswold District Council.

  • We created the 6 themes

  • We held the first consultation event at the Redesdale Hall in February 2019 and had over 200 attendees

  • We have held a number of themed consultation events (for example, Business, Travel and Climate Change)

  • We have completed a Housing Needs Survey to all residents and have published the final report

  • We completed a Residents' Survey and have published the final report

  • We have completed a Business Survey and have published the final report

  • We have undertaken an Historic Buildings Survey - the report will be published later this year

  • We have undertaken a Green Spaces Survey - the report will be published later this year

Next Steps

  • Agree the main problems that the plan will address

  • Develop the Vision and Objectives for the plan

  • Consult on the problems, vision and objectives to ensure these have the agreement of the community

  • Consult on the Heritage work that has been done

  • Consult on the Green Spaces work that has been done

  • Develop the draft policies which, when approved, will work alongside the District Council's Local Plan policies

  • Capture ideas for projects that the community would like to see implemented. These will provide a strong indication of changes that the local community want. However, it must be remembered that these are likely to require budget and resources.

There will be a comprehensive consultation exercise about the draft plan with the community and ultimately there will be a vote by local residents to accept or reject the plan.  If accepted, a Government appointed Planning Inspector will review the document and ensure that it effectively supports the Cotswold District Local Plan and national planning policies. Once approved, it comes into force and all planning applications must be measured against it.

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