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The area covered by the Neighbourhood Plan

A Neighbourhood Plan empowers local communities to have a real say in how their town or parish develops.

Although it cannot override the Cotswold District Council Local Plan, the neighbourhood plan can provide more detail, for example, about the types and design of the houses allocated in the local plan, or protect important green spaces.

For more information take a look at the "Description" section

A few key things about a neighbourhood plan:

  • it is created by the local residents.
    Here in Moreton-in-Marsh, a group of local residents is driving the plan forward (see "About Us")

  • it is important that the plan represents the views of the local community.
    We have already held a number of consultation events and there are more to come. We are also sending out surveys to the local community (the Residents' Survey and Business Survey are both due to go out in the week beginning 22nd February). Please take a look at  the "Events" tab to see more detail

  • the plan covers the area shown in Figure 1 - the town of Moreton-in-Marsh

  • the plan will be valid until 2031

  • the plan has two parts:

    • policies - against which all planning applications have to be judged

    • projects - changes that the local community want to see happen. These are not guaranteed to happen, but provide the local council with ideas which they can work towards

  • before the plan comes into operation, it has to be approved by the local council, an independent inspector and finally by the local residents. See the "Status" section for the full process.

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