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 Feedback from 
 First Consultation 
A summary of feedback from the first consultation session held on Saturday 2nd February 2019 in the Redesdale Hall.
 Scoping Document 
 Theme 1 
Scoping document for Theme 1:
A thriving low carbon environment that is resilient to a changing climate, with clean affordable energy for all.
 Scoping Document 
 Theme 2 
Scoping document for Theme 2:
Good quality jobs and a thriving economy.
 Scoping Document 
 Theme 3 
Scoping document for Theme 3:
Affordable housing that is fit for the future.
 Scoping Document 
 Theme 4 
Scoping document for Theme 4:
Promoting sustainable transport.
 Scoping Document 
 Theme 5 
Scoping document for Theme 5:
A vibrant and welcoming high street, maintaining and enhancing the unique character of the town.
 Scoping Document 
 Theme 6 
Scoping document for Theme 6:
Health, leisure and well-being for all ages.
 Moreton Means 
 Business Summary 
Summary of Moreton Means Business event held on 24th April 2019.
 Moreton Means 
 Business Presentation 
Presentation from Moreton Means Business event on 24th April 2019.

Future Resilience 
Event Summary 

Summary of Future Resilience Workshop held on 25th April 2019.


 Future Resilience 

Presentation from Future Resilience Workshop on 25th April 2019.


Housing Needs Survey

Housing Needs Survey final report May 2021

Residents' Survey Report
Residents' Survey Final Report January 2022


Business Survey Report
Business Survey Final Report January 2022


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