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Vision and Objectives Survey

In January and February 2023, the local community was sent a short survey asking for opinions on the draft Vision and Objectives that had be formed on the basis of the various consultations and surveys that had been held and reports that had been gathered.


In all, 473 people completed the survey, a response rate of about 11% and showed that there was overwhelming  support for the objectives.


In 2031 Moreton-in-Marsh is:

  • An attractive, vibrant and prosperous market town with a wide range of housing options

  • It benefits from excellent transport links and a network of safe walking and cycling routes

  • It successfully blends its role as a key retail and service centre for businesses, residents and visitors in a green, bio-diverse, low carbon environment.



  • New developments to be energy efficient and climate adaptive

  • New developments to provide a range of housing to meet the needs of local people

  • New developments on brownfield sites to take priority over greenfield sites

  • To ensure new homes are of high-quality design and built to

  • Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) standards


  • New developments to facilitate and support the growth of the business base within Moreton-in-Marsh, creating more jobs across a diverse range of sectors

  • Support development of small business units/shared space


  • New developments to support and sustain a vibrant attractive and successful town centre that meets the needs of the local community and visitors

  • Improve the public realm and traffic management within and through the town to provide easier, safer and more pleasant access for residents and visitors, using developer contributions


  • Protect and maintain existing public open green spaces

  • Protect and maintain archaeological and built heritage assets deemed to be of value to the community.

  • Preserve and increase opportunities for biodiversity net-gain

  • Preserve important views within the parish

  • Protect the sensitive natural environment and exceptional rural assets surrounding Moreton-in-Marsh


  • Create a more connected parish for residents and visitors alike, limiting the need for vehicular travel within the town and offering a genuine choice of transport options to help reduce congestion and emissions, to improve air quality and public health




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