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Theme 3

Affordable Housing

Housing Needs Survey

The final report for the Housing Needs Survey is now available.



The Housing Needs Survey was carried out in the spring of 2020 to understand whether the affordable housing needs of local people are being met, and if not, what type of housing is required and how many are needed.


Housing Need indicates the number of households that do not have access to accommodation that meets certain normative standards and typically refers to the level of need for more or improved social housing.

The survey was commissioned by the Neighbourhood Development Plan team, with the support of the Town Council,  and was carried out by the Gloucestershire Rural Communities Council (GRCC) who are experienced in undertaking such studies. The GRCC are also performing the analysis and are due to deliver the report early in 2021.

How was the data collected?

A paper questionnaire was sent out to each household with Moreton-in-Marsh with a range of questions organised into 3 distinct sections:

  • Part A was entitled ‘You and your household’.

  • Part B was entitled ‘Home Working’.

  • Part C was entitled ‘Housing Needs’.


Once completed, the questionnaires were posted back to GRCC for analysis.

In addition, Part C of the questionnaire was sent to local employers to distribute to their staff members so we could discover whether there was a demand for people working in the town to live here too.

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