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A Prosperous Economy & High Street



Thank you to all 50 businesses who completed the Business Survey. It has taken a few months to analyse the data, but the results are now out.

Immediately below you will find the full report which you can scroll through or print out. Below the report you'll find a quick summary of the results.

We are now using this information to develop draft policies for the Neighbourhood Development Plan which truly reflect the majority of views held by the community. We'll publish these draft policies for comment once they are complete.




The questionnaire had 26 questions split between the following sections;

  1. Q1 - Q11 - About your business

  2. Q12 – Q16 -Your employees

  3. Q17 – Q21 - Wider Issues

  4. Q22 – Q26 - Final questions

50 businesses responded to the questionnaire.

Section 1 - About your business
  • Q1 – 14 business sectors are represented although the majority of respondents are in the retail and hospitality sectors

  • Q3 – 70% of businesses have between 0 and 9 employees

  • Q5 – 74% of businesses see being located in Moreton-in-Marsh as an advantage

  • Q6 – all respondents see their premises as being at least reasonable, while nearly 60% are ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ with their premises

  • Q7 – 30% of businesses are looking to expand over the next 5 years

  • Q8 – 60% of businesses are confident in the success and viability of their business, but nearly 20% have some concerns

  • Q9 – the key challenges facing local businesses were identified as:

    • The economy

    • Market conditions and demand/footfall

    • Business rates

    • Labour supply and skillsets

  • Q10 – while nearly 30% of businesses consider broadband service to be ‘fast’ or ‘very fast’, over 10% consider it to be ‘slow’ or ‘very slow’

Section 2 – About your employees
  • Q12 – 54% of businesses have employees living in Moreton-in-Marsh

  • Q13 – 32% of employees walk or cycle to work, while 37% drive

  • Q14 – 56% of businesses do not have onsite parking and this causes difficulty in finding a parking space for nearly 60% of their employees

  • Q16 – 64% of employees have lunch onsite

Section 3 - Wider Issues
  • Q17 - 60% of businesses would support the protection of current employment use buildings in MiM town centre, with only 2% being opposed to this

  • Q18 - 50% of businesses support more employment land and business premises in Moreton-in-Marsh, with suggestions for a broad spread of business uses. 36% were against this

  • Q19a - The greatest strengths identified for Moreton-in-Marsh as a location were:

    • The local environment

    • Transport and road linkages

  • Q19b - The greatest weaknesses identified for Moreton-in-Marsh as a location were:

    • Car parking

    • Local traffic

  • Q21 – nearly three quarters of businesses believe that tourism is very important to Moreton-in-Marsh and 40% believe it to be very important to their specific business

Section 4 - Final Questions
  • Q22 – 60% of responding businesses would be interested in a Business Improvement District (BID) for Moreton-in-Marsh

  • Q23 – 84% are not involved in any type of business network or group

  • Q24 – less than 5% of businesses are knowledgeable about ‘The Growth Hub’

  • Q25 – the most popular ideas to encourage more local people to use local services are ‘Publicise the value of shopping local’ and ‘a buy local loyalty/reward scheme’

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