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Theme 6

Health, Leisure and Well-being


To ensure that all new development in Moreton in Marsh is designed to

  • deliver buildings, green spaces and infrastructure that can cope with our changing climate

  • create minimal additional carbon emissions

  • maximise opportunities to generate clean, affordable energy for the community.



  • To offer opportunities within the town to support good mental and physical health and wellbeing

  • To encourage engagement by children and young people with the wider town community leading to a desire to remain in Moreton.




  • Health and well-being public consultations will be held during 2021


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This theme covers a wide range of aspects which all help towards a society with good mental and physical health. It includes outdoor and indoor activities and takes in all kinds of sports, leisure pursuits and local societies and associations. It links closely to how we are impacted by the character of the town and the environment in which we live, including the levels of pollution (air, water and noise) we endure.

The theme asks:

  • are there sufficient opportunities for exercise for different age groups. If not, what is missing and what needs to be promoted more?

  • is the town maximising its opportunities to provide facilities for exercise and leisure pursuits - e.g. green spaces, indoor activitiy spaces, etc?

  • can existing local facilities be found and accessed easily?

  • how healthy is it to linger and enjoy the High Street

  • are there sufficient, quality green spaces?





Here are the main ideas that have been suggested at the consultation events:

  • increase people's ability to have sport and leisure as a more regular part of their day - e.g.

    • improve “safe routes to school”, so more people can walk to school

    • create an easy-to-use directory of existing clubs and facilities  - e.g.

      • Moreton-in-Marsh walking routes

      • Moreton Rangers Football Club facilities

      • Fire Service College facilities - including the weekly park run

      • tennis, cricket and bowls club facilities

      • local societies and associations such as the local History Society

    • affordable after school and school holiday activities

  • reduce traffic through the town centre to improve accessibility

  • protect green spaces which are important

  • maintain good access to the countryside and wildlife areas

  • maintain and enhance access to the facilities at the Fire Service College especially the swimming pool

  • make it easy for residents to find out what’s going on in the town

  • make more information available online so people (residents and visitors alike) can easily find businesses and services in Moreton-in-Marsh. Could this be via an app?

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