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Theme 5

An Enhanced Town Character



  • To ensure that Moreton-in-Marsh remains an attractive working town for residents and visitors alike

  • To identify and protect historic buildings and green spaces that contribute to the character and appearance of the town




  • Heritage and Green Spaces consultation events are planned for later this year




Here is a summary of what this theme is aiming to address.

What do local residents think of the character of the town:

  • How do residents perceive the current character of the town? Does the town centre primarily serve residents, tourists, or both in equal measure?

  • Which historic buildings and green spaces within the town are valued by residents and so may warrant additional protection?

  • Which aspects of the town's character contribute to - and detract from - residents' quality of life and visitors' enjoyment?

  • What are considered to be the main current and future pressures on the special/unique character of the town and how can these be managed?


Here are the main ideas that have been suggested so far at the consultation events:

  • Enhance the “traditional market town” values

  • Enhance the town's “historic, busy and picturesque” aspects

  • Value the town’s historic buildings, in particular the Redesdale Hall

  • Ensure high quality and sympathetic design in new developments

  • Reduce the impact of the traffic through the town, particularly HGVs

  • Make the High Street more pedestrian friendly (and reduce the impact of car parking)

  • Improve the look of the town centre and make it a pleasant place to walk around

  • Support a far greater variety of retail outlets

  • Improve the quality of shopfront facias and discourage excessive and unsympathetic signage and street furniture;

  • Improve the existing green spaces and ensure green spaces are created within new housing estates

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