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Theme 2

A Prosperous Economy & High Street



To facilitate and support the growth of the business base within Moreton in Marsh, creating more jobs across a diverse range of sectors.





Cotswold Business Village.jpg

Cotswold Business Village.

Image courtesy of Michael Dibb, CC BY-SA 2.0,


Here is a summary of what this theme is aiming to address:

  • We need a prosperous local economy to help the town to thrive.

  • High Streets up and down the country are struggling because of the increase in on-line shopping and because of the impact of Covid 19

  • Whilst the population of the town has increased in recent years due to a significant number of new houses, with yet more in plan before 2031, there has not been a similar increase in employment.

  • There are many people employed in Moreton-in-Marsh, most typically the High Street shops, business parks or working from home. However, we believe that a significant number of people who live in the town need to commute out of town to find work and this adversely affects the vitality of the town



Here are the main ideas that have been suggested so far at the consultation events:

  • Opportunity for lower-cost start-up units in the town

  • Additional office space and space for technology businesses to help create more, higher paid jobs in the town

  • A business hub in the centre of town for hot desking, home working, and networking opportunities

  • Greater diversity of uses within the town centre to encourage visitors to spend more time here

  • Improved walking and cycling routes to encourage more local residents to come into and use the town centre

  • Greater connectivity with the "out of town" retail at Fosseway Garden Centre and the Fosseway Business Park

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