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Theme 3

Affordable Housing



To facilitate and support the development of affordable mixed tenure housing for local people that is sustainable for future generations.




  • Review of existing planning policy and design/sustainability advice to developers.

  • Case study with existing Registered Provider for one of the more recent local delivery plans.


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Housing Need is an indicator of the number of households that do not have access to accommodation that meets certain standards.

  • There is a concern that lack of affordable housing for sale or rent:

    • is forcing people to move away from the town, away from their family and friends and away from their place of work

    • particularly affects younger people in the town

  • There is a concern that the planned new housing developments do not meet the housing needs of the local community

  • Does the Housing Register reflect the housing needs of local people

  • concern that the tourist/rental market distorts the local market. 



The main set of ideas will be extracted from the results of the Housing Needs Survey when they are availble.


However, below is a summary of the main ideas suggested at the First Consultation event:

  • more of the proposed housing development should satisfy the needs of local people and first time buyers

  • easy access to information about what there is

  • more smaller family homes for all tenures (not just affordable)

  • support for flats, housing for older people, down-sizers and self build

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