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Theme 4

Active and Sustainable Travel



  • To create a more connected town for residents and visitors alike

  • To limit the need to travel by car within the town

  • To offer a genuine choice of travel options (such as walking and cycling) to help reduce congestion and emissions

  • To improve air quality and public health




  • this will be based on the findings from the Residents' and Business Surveys




Here is a summary of what this theme is aiming to address:

  • Can people walk and cycle easily and safely around the town?

  • Are existing routes connected to one another and to other key destinations such as:

    • housing areas

    • high street

    • schools

    • medical facilities

    • work places

    • train and bus stations

  • Can people use public transport easily
    • does public transport go to the required places
    • is timetabling an issue?
  • Why do many people drive in and around the town?

  • What would encourage people to use alternative transport means

  • How can new developments better facilitate access to public transport

  • Can we reduce congestion and emissions



Here are the main ideas that have been suggested so far at the consultation events:

  • Walking and cycling

    • better walking routes within and outside the town

    • better connectivity of footpaths and cycleways

    • better lighting

    • better signage to link homes, businesses, local facilities and public transport

    • safer road crossings, footpaths and cycleways

  • more and better cycle racks throughout the town

  • slow down the traffic

  • better accessibility – e.g. for scooters

  • create new footpaths - e.g.

    • between town and fire college

    • between town and Fosseway Garden Centre

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