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Welcome to the Moreton-in-Marsh
Neighbourhood Plan

In light of CDC's revised Local Plan, and the proposed future development in Moreton, it is more important than ever that we have the oppotunity to have our say in the future of the town we love. 


Following the results from the survey asking for your opinions on the draft objectives for our Neighbourhood Plan, the working group have been busy formulating policies and a comprehensive plan document to fulfil those objectives.

A draft plan document is being finalised now! 


1) Further evidence gathering. 

The NDP working group will be asking specific questions of the community (via social media), to provide hard evidence for some policies.

2) Approval of the draft plan by Moreton-In-Marsh Town Council

3) Review and approval of the plan by CDC

4) Review by an independent examiner

An independent official will scrutinise the policies we have created against the evidence we have collected in support of those policies, removing anything that does not have a firm evidence base.

5) Local Residents Referendum

The final document will be available to residents, and you will be asked to make known your support for the plan via referendum.











































































What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

In a Nutshell

​A Neighbourhood Plan is formed by the local residents. It sits alongside the Cotswold District Council Local Plan and is used to make planning decisions. It sets out the community's vision for the future and contains planning policies. The process of making a Neighbourhood is led by a group of volunteer residents, and must go through full engagement and consultation with the whole community. Before it's adopted, it must be verified by an independent planning inspector, then finally voted for by residents through a referendum.

A Neighbourhood Plan

is an opportunity for the local community to say what it wants for its local area upto 2031.

It's a great way for residents to set a vision for the town, influence planning decisions, improve local facilities and help protect important community assets.

For example, it can be used to help retain green spaces and important buildings, detail the type of housing we need and the facilities we as a community want - plus a lot more.

See more in the section headed

"The Plan"

It's critical that all local residents have the opportunity to put forward their thoughts and ideas to create a collective and unified vision for Moreton-in-Marsh. 

Engagement through surveys and events will continue throughout 2021 to inform the development of the Neighbourhood Plan and we'd welcome your views.

To see all past and upcoming engagement activities please take a look at the items under the "Events" tab.

Alternatively, you can go the the "Contact" page and send us your ideas.

Neighbourhood planning is a right for communities introduced through 

 the Localism Act 2011

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